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Black Silky Fabric with Gold inside Lamp Shade

Black Silky Fabric with Gold inside Lamp Shade

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This lampshade, draped in a rich, ebony fabric, exudes an air of sophisticated elegance. Its surface, like the midnight sky, absorbs and reflects minimal light, creating a captivating play of shadows. As your fingers graze the exterior, the fabric feels silky, adding a touch of luxury to the tactile experience. However, it is the interior that truly steals the show. Unveiling a hidden treasure, the lampshade reveals a luminous gold lining that bathes the surroundings in a warm, radiant glow. The gold, reminiscent of molten sunshine, transforms the darkness into a haven of opulence. When the lamp is illuminated, the contrast between the mysterious black exterior and the radiant golden interior creates a mesmerizing ambiance, casting a gentle and inviting light that captivates the beholder. It's a symphony of textures and colors, seamlessly woven together to elevate both form and function.

These shades are made using brass washer and brass spider and with rolled edges.

All Lampshade orders are fulfilled in 2-5 business days. The lampshades can be returned within 7 business days for a full refund. Shipping charges to be paid for by the customer for returns.

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